How to make advertising profitable?

"Saint who is not seen is not venerated" - the saying goes.

Advertising is essential for the growth of brands. If you are one of those who think that you can save money by lowering your advertising budgets, we must tell you that you lose more than you earn.

You may be convinced that the way is to invest in advertising, however, you ask yourself: What is the most appropriate strategy to obtain results? The obvious answer is The most profitable.

Profitability is expressed as the percentage obtained as a result of an investment. If I invest 100 and get 110 as a result, I have a 10% return. All brands and advertising agencies seek profitability in their advertising efforts. So, to answer the question of what strategies to follow, you should analyze and take into account the following insights:
Sales are not the determining indicator

Your reaction could be: What, what?!

We agree that the purpose of any business is to sell and that this is the ultimate goal of advertising. However, there are other factors that are also pursued when advertising your brand, such as: market share, the movement of your inventory, the number of different customers and the frequency of consumption, etc.
Increasing the level of knowledge of your company or advertising agency, increasing its reputation and credibility, generating remembrance and memorability, are factors that tend to be more relevant to making a brand more profitable in the long run than immediate sales manipulations.

The cost of the media does not always determine the best results.

There are media that are expensive due to the scope they have and that give good results to certain brands, however with a good analysis of your target market, their interests, and motivations, you could develop a strategy that includes alternative media with similar or better results that can get to have your company or advertising agency. In this equation it is important to contemplate digital advertising, however, do not limit yourself to the obvious platforms. Creativity and disruption play an important role in brand recognition.
The quality and price of your products play a defining role

People must perceive an appropriate price-quality ratio. If your brand has high prices and the perceived quality is not enough, you can raise the awareness of your brand but not achieve profitable results. Note that here it is important to understand the phenomenon of perception. If the quality of your product is low but your prices are hyper-competitive, people can react positively and they will appreciate that you do not see their faces.

Branding and brand building campaigns support profitability

It is proven that when, in addition to advertising your products and services, you carry out institutional branding campaigns, you generate a feeling of closeness and trust that results in high recall (6 times more than brands that do not execute these strategies).
The relevance of your message is key

People flee from excessive advertising. The secret to hooking is the relevance of the message. You have to understand that, even if a person meets the profile of your target market, not at all times in his life he is willing to receive your publicity, it all depends on "what he is doing", the focus and "mood" he has. For this reason, it is key to design the experiences at the key contact points, when they are most susceptible to your brand and products.
Inbound and content marketing is a marathon

Inbound and content strategies work, however they do not always generate immediate profitability. The profitability of these strategies is supported by the percentage of success in the final conversions when you have accompanied your potential clients throughout the funnel in a careful and strategic way: profitability will be an obvious result.

Once you understand the previous points, we can conclude that there is a direct relationship between quality and advertising investment with profitability. The foregoing is a consequence of the strengthening of the perception of mature and consolidated brands, in a way that increases confidence, prices, and sales. Companies that are perceived as having higher quality levels are 14% more profitable than their competitors.
In summary, each brand must evaluate its strategy by analyzing its target market, the quality of its products, and its investment. It is not possible in this blog is to determine the most profitable means since there is no formula for it, however, attending to these variables in your study does support the possibility of success and profitability of your actions.

Profitability in your advertising is key to achieving your goals. Take these insights into account so that your investments are effective and increase the impact and your results.

Let these questions serve as a guideline in the development of your brand. If you're not sure about the answers then you can Enquire us or Call us on mention numbers.

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